Sketch O’ The Day – Marrus orthocanna

Marrus orthocanna is a type of Siphonophore which is closely related to the Jelly fish.  They can be quite long – but this one is only 40 cm (a little over 1 foot)

The color was so amazing that I broke out the colored pencils. Not super happy with the result, the colors murked it up. Might try it in photoshop as well.



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Sketch O’ The Day- Taco Family Portrait!

As promised – Caryn’s chickens – Taco is the head chicken in front. What a character. Can’t wait to meet her in person.


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Sketch O’ The Day: And The Winner Is…

Diane and Stiv won a free drawing by guessing the closest!
Here is the photo again – Tiny sheep-like Faux Fur Tribble Soft-Sculptures that sit on my window sill. No rocks inside. Was fun to see people guess things like hedges – color can be so absent in a drawing.

sheeplike trible sculptures - Kate Ruddle

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Tiny Sketch O’ The Day – Merritt College Gardens

Tiny Sketches O’ The Day:
Micah dropped me off at Merritt College an hour before my pruning class (and before anyone else) this am and I spent the time doing tiny sketches in the gardens! Bench with my bags, fountain, and flowers on a post-it note. Lined paper was actually fun for the fence and bench rails, but think I need a new tiny sketchbook!




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Sketch O’ The Day: Can you guess what this is?

Sketch O’ The Day: Can you guess what it is? I will draw a sketch for the winner and post it on Facebook. Hint: Micah is excluded from this contest as this lives in my living room.

TIny Sheep Trible Sculptures-Kate_Ruddle-web


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Succulent and Lavender sketch

Going to start posting sketches for fun – haven’t been drawing enough!

succulent-lavender sketch

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Mutated Structure – Portable Vegetable Garden

I am so excited that my Sketch-up model got selected to be on the Mutated Structure Project website. I taught myself Sketch-up to enter my model because I thought this was such an interesting project. Mutated Structure Project is an interactive database archiving mutations of an 8ft x 10ft x 10ft wooden stick frame structure. Here is what they thought of my idea!

Ruddle-portable-gardenMutated Structure – Portable Vegetable Garden – Kate Ruddle

“Wonderful idea, it’s hilarious to imagine bikers zipping through and grabbing produce. Like a sustainable fast food drive through window.” – AMV

Click here to visit the site and see my project –

Click on the image to see my description and statement about my project.

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Tiny (But Mighty?) Piece in Silicon Valley Small Works Exhibit

Kate Ruddle name
Silicon Valley Small Works 2014
Art Exhibition

Opening Reception: Wed. Nov 12th 4-7 pm 

 Gillmor Center room 102 – Vargas Gallery – Mission College, Santa Clara

Juried Exhibition of Artwork in a variety of media at Mission College in the Vargas Gallery – at its new location in the Gillmor Center!


Juror: Kathryn Funk

Mission College – Vargas Gallery

3000 Mission College Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95054 –1897

Show runs Nov. 12th – Dec. 10th 2014

Gallery Hours:

Mon, Weds – 3-6 pm

Tues, Thurs – 1-5 pm
Friday – 1-4 pm
Sat. – 12-2 pm  

Closed: Nov 27th – 30 for Thanksgiving

Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you!

Sincerely, Kate Ruddle

Kate Ruddle Studio

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In 3-D: Selected Art by Pacific Rim Sculptors Group Art Ark Gallery – San Jose

Reception: First Friday, Oct. 3rd  – 6 – 9 pm

October 18th, 3-5 pm – Artist talk

 Juror Donna Napper – Curator San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

followed by Charles Stinson, current president of PacRim

Gallery Hours by Appointment: Oct. 3rd-Oct. 25th

Art Ark Gallery – 1035 S. 6th St. San Jose, CA 95112

Hi Everyone!

I am excited to invite you to an upcoming exhibit in San Jose. I have two large pieces to unveil. One piece has yet to be seen on my website as I have been waiting to show it – now the moment has arrived! The show will only be open for the reception, an artist talk and by appointment. I look forward to seeing you at one of these events!  – Kate Ruddle

Below are some images from the show.

Visit more artwork on Flickr

Exhibiting Artists:

Anya Behn, Rebecca Fox, Lori Goodman, Peter Hiers,

Bette Linderman, Jann Nunn, Kate Ruddle, Ruth Tabancay,

Lynne Todaro, James Watts

What is the 3rd dimension . . .
and why are we willing to pay extra to view a movie shown “In 3-D”?
A screen typically gives us images with height and width . . .
but there is something about the 3rd dimension – depth –
that draws our attention and makes us feel more involved, connected. . . 
It is my intention that the exhibition, “In 3-D” conveys that experience
to the viewers at the Art Ark Gallery.
– Lynne Todaro, curator
About Pacific Rim Sculptors Group:
Pacific Rim Sculptors Group  (PacRim) was created in 1988 by six California Bay Area sculptors.   Since that time the organization has grown to over 101 members and is  entering a period of dynamic revival.  In addition to the hosting a  series of juried exhibitions throughout the Bay Area, last year PacRim  was awarded the coveted status of Chapter Member in the International  Sculpture Center (ISC).
Pacific Rim Sculptors Group was founded  on the beliefs that cultural vitality and artistic diversity contribute  to a healthy society, the organization aims to increase public awareness  of sculpture by promoting public & private exhibits, and through  education & outreach programs. The group encourages artistic  diversity and excellence by providing a community for artists to meet,  show their work, exchange ideas and address issues of common concern.  Its member opportunities & resources are intended to encourage the  development of all sculptors.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you!

Sincerely, Kate Ruddle

Kate Ruddle Studio


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Butterfly Hinge


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