Originally from Connecticut, Kate Ruddle is an conceptual artist in the Bay Area with a BFA in Painting from Indiana University, Bloomington and an MFA in Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. In 1999 she interned at Hogin Sails in Alameda to gain an understanding of large-scale fabric manipulation to augment her sculptural installations.

Her large-scale sculptural installations have used architectural moldings, fabric, video and direct figural imagery to create objects and environments that analyze the complex influence that the trappings of our surroundings have upon the human form.

Her Wrapping Set Series was influenced by a trip to Japan, and was described in Artweek as follows: “The folding or wrapping might reference the obi, or perhaps an origami project gone a bit awry. These pieces certainly convey a sense of great care and attention in their making, displaying thoughtfulness and unique personalities.”


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