Frame Weaving by Hand in Iceland

I went back to grocery store today and used my newest word phrase – aðskilin kaup, which means “separate charge”.  This way I can keep my wool purchases separate from my food purchases.. The clerk was speaking to me in english as I “spoke” Icelandic but I gave it shot. However, my three words of Icelandic did let me down when I realized I had not paid for the pencils I stashed in my jeans when I returned to pay for them.


And yes, I did buy more wool while in the grocery. The two different greens that are in this felted piece. I love this heathery green.


Worked on some frame weaving  by hand that I finished up today.  I have never done this type of work; except as a kid making potholders! I enjoyed the frame weaving a lot, it was very meditative once I got the hang of it. I am quite a slow knitter and the weaving was faster than knitting for me – so could see myself doing it into the future.


Here the weaving samples are taking shape..I cut them apart and knot them. You can see the wool I am using – the Lettlopi from the grocery store. I may felt some of these samples.


Iceland sunset – a segment of it looked like a minimalist painting.



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