One Word a Day – Takk

The word of the day is Takk. Takk means thanks! This is how I decided to start to learn a few words is Icelandic. I was in the grocery store and I realized all I pretty much said was hello and thank you and that I was sure that I could learn to say that in Icelandic. Yesterday, I was out for a short walk and walked by a woman and said “Halló” in Icelandic and the woman replied back in Icelandic. I am not sure what she said – but it felt like a triumph! I think she said “good afternoon” or “good day”.

Ruddle-TAKK-thanksI need to go to the grocery store again today and will try out my little combination of “Halló” and “Takk”.

Ruddle-takk-wool-felted-webFelted “stone” takk piece – merino wool and fine wool from grocery store.

ruddle-takk-thread-webTakk – wool hand stitched sparsely onto muslin

I am interested in incorporating words into my work. It seems sort of tacked on right now. I will be working to see if I can integrate the words into the images and into the visual forms of the pieces. I am not sure it will ever work – but it is an interesting challenge – words are so different than the visual language.



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