Weaving on a Tiny Mighty Loom

So I want to share a bit about my weaving adventures!

loom-room-view-webHere is the view from the loom I am using.  The loom room is amazing. It has been cold, windy, rainy, and somewhat raging for the last few days but we are snug inside. The whole building is heated by hot water that runs through furnaces in the rooms. The heat is very inexpensive because the water in the furnaces are heated by the underground hot springs.

This is the loom I am using..


It is tiny…but mighty


This loom was made by local farmers and is about 90 – 100 years old. I believe it is a counterpoint, counterbalance, or countermarch loom. The other looms in the room are countermarch and they are twice as big. They do not know who made the looms here, but are trying to find out. I wondered if this may be due to the fact that last names in Iceland are different than last names in other countries. For example one’s last name is the first name of your father along with the word son or daughter. So each person has a unique last name and no one shares a family name.


This is the first time I have ever woven and I really like it. I thought it might be slow like knitting, but it is not. I was surprised to find that a loom seems something like a cross between a piano, a horse in harness, a sail boat, and a sewing machine. It is very satisfying. And these wooden looms are very quiet.


Here is my piece as I take it off the loom. It will be cut apart and tied. There are multiple small weaving pieces in here – some about the size of a coaster.








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